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From time to time, I will be uploading original audio files of some of my music.  When you click the various links below, you will be taken to specific types of music. Listen at your leisure. I do ask that you respect the fact that I did actually write, perform, and record everything you hear, and that I own it. You are welcome to listen and even to share any of my music with your friends, but if you want to use it for any project, be that non-commercial or commercial, please just drop me a note HERE. Any non-commercial use is, of course, absolutely free. Just enjoy.

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Ballads / Love Songs
Miscellaneous Vocals
“Art” Songs



All of the tracks that follow are (mostly) piano improvisations, each performed with only one pass and having no edits or other alterations following the performances. They are presented here just for your listening enjoyment. The digital scores created by software are virtually unreadable, so you will be able to enjoy these pieces only by listening.

A Minor Diversion
Five Forty-Five
Walk The Dog
Out Of My Mind *
27 Aug. 2013 Improv **
Quick Improv 1/28/2013
Overdrive (9/8/13)
Winter Light 12/14/2013
Caffeine 1/22/2014
Glass Piano 2/4/2014
Jade 3/18/14)
Piano Processional (2006)
Improv 29 Dec. (2016) organ
Piano Improv 7 Jan 2017
3 March Improv (3 Mar., 2017)

from the CD A Corner Of My World
* YouTube linkAudio_Gallery_files/A%20Minor%20Diversion.mp3Audio_Gallery_files/Five%20Forty-Five.mp3Audio_Gallery_files/Walk%20The%20Dog.mp3Audio_Gallery_files/Out%20Of%20My%20Mind.mp3Audio_Gallery_files/27%20Aug.%202013%20Improv.mp3Audio_Gallery_files/Quick%20Improv.mp3Audio_Gallery_files/Overdrive.mp3Audio_Gallery_files/Winter%20Light.mp3Audio_Gallery_files/Caffeine.mp3Audio_Gallery_files/Glass%20Piano.mp3Audio_Gallery_files/Jade.mp3Audio_Gallery_files/Piano%20Processional.mp3Audio_Gallery_files/Improv%2029%20Dec..mp3Audio_Gallery_files/Piano%20Improv%207%20Jan%202017.mp3Audio_Gallery_files/3%20March%20Improv.mp3
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