Useful Music Sites

Here you will find some useful links I have discovered online. Some will lead you to publishers; others will lead you to free stuff. I make no promises regarding either, but you may enjoy poking around a bit to see what’s there. Occasionally a website will be taken down or otherwise disappear. Let me know if you encounter a problem, or if you can suggest additions to the collection I have assembled below.

  1. Friends Of Cathedral Music (links to association sites, free music, recitals, etc.)


  1. Cantate Domino (mostly free scores and recordings)


  1. The Lady Organist (free online magazine for organists)          


  1. Free (free music, easy score download, free mp3s, many categories)


OrganMaster Shoes (These are cool. Bought a pair; improvement immediately.)


  1. IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project (Petrucci Music Library)

                          (a bit tricky to navigate, scores are often in original published format,

                           but a ton of free stuff in all sorts of categories. Worth it to poke around.)


  1. *Royal Dutch Organ Society


  1. Top Catholic Songs (free liturgical music in a variety of styles composed by contemporary writers. 

                                 The site title is a little misleading  (exclusive-sounding), but the content provides

                                  a valuable source of new music for any Christian-oriented community)



  1. AUDIO IMPROV (all sorts of very useful information about music and electronics, some historical, some contemporary. And some exquisitely-rendered orchestrations from Henry Spragens, an absolute master at such things.

  1. Gregorian Chant — keyboard harmonizations for chants in the Liber Usualis

                                   (if for no other reason as a useful historical record of this music

                                     made available for contemporary organists and for study)


  1. *HET OREL — Europe’s oldest magazine on Organ Art. A ton of articles and interesting information                about organs, organ builders, festivals, AND LOTS OF LINKS TO COMPOSERS (even me!)