Now and again I will post links to YouTube audio/video recordings that I have made or that have been done by others and posted on YouTube. If you just click any of the links below, you will be taken to the right spot. Enjoy.

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Farewell to my 7’ Mason & Hamlin

Piano Improvisation 8/27/2013

Piano Improvisation 8/23/2013

Organ Voluntary No. 26*

Organ Voluntary No. 39*

Organ Voluntary No. 41*

Organ Voluntary No. 5 *

Organ Voluntary No. 29 *

Meditation No. 1 (organ) *

*performed by

Carson Cooman,

composer/organist in residence

Harvard University, The Memorial Church

Etude No. 1 from Etudes d’Origine

(video by Pierre-Paul Daneels)

(another) Piano Improvisation 8/23/2013

(video by Pierre-Paul Daneels)

One Hundred Fifty-One

(video realization by Pierre-Paul Daneels)

Fort Tilden / Rils Park

(sponsored by the National Park Service)

(Photo Essay by Liora Codor)

One Hundred Seventeen (from “By The Numbers”)

arranged for percussion ensemble by

Michael  Gatti

(performed by students of

DeMatha Catholic High School,

Hyattsville, MD

One Hundred Fifty Six